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Description of the program in a few words

The Cards & Dice with a light entertainment program, logic and luck constituent elements combined create a unique playing cards and dice ensure a pleasant experience.

Purchase and Registration

The program can be downloaded from the Google Android phone Play Market official site.Download

Details and FAQ

Menu system and gameplay:

When you select New Game, the program alerts you when new games are lost to the points earned so far. By selecting continue past our game we can pick up where points earned are not lost. If the start point is below the minimum, which is normally 850 coin, but the store was expanded, the program includes a 850 coin from it automatically. During the four additional store item choices is possible to where various hints you can buy the coin earned so far - points. This will be discussed in detail later. The Save My points record in our menu can record and view others accomplishments.

A game in progress:

five events at the top of the display can be observed from left to right COIN - just MOVE - number of random steps, BET - adjustable stake, multiply multiplier PRIZE - prize. The existing points from a slider lets you select how much you want to gamble, it is displayed in the "Bet". The MOVE - random numbers start jumping up 1-3, which is also the STORE - was extended. This will determine the number of handling. Above the slider is the TIME that defines our time remaining on the game   (Store can be added). The multiply determined, multiplied by a factor of how much our points for risk.   Set the four squares, which are available in various colors, try to catch as many throws. The card dealing process: a random distribution is done on a 4 * 6 divisions fields. After all stopped cubes of the same color cards and the value they threw pieces of colored card number and hand histories. Then moved to the correct card number is under the MOVE option. If you are not used to the motion before the expiration of the time they wasted. Tap the card to be replaced, and also which you want to replace.

Scoring and Rules:

The scoring is done in two ways, from the edge of the screen, from left to right and from the top of the screen, from top to bottom. From left to right as the same numbered cards from top to bottom are the same color cards Sorting the point. The number of rows and columns might be able to bring together a combination of the two, the greater the multiplier is obtained. The example pictured is also a second row of two triple multiples of 0.2. If it's a third of the multiplier is 0.5 and the fourth is for certain that the multiplier has regained get called, we in scoring. In the fourth column, we constructed four blue cards to play, which is also a factor of 0.5, and for us. Revenue from color, only three cases was the same get points and proportional rise can be put together as much as possible. I try to move the cards to create a multi-column monochrome and multiple rows with the same number of build up to the bigger odds. If the mozgásainkat consumed them all and still have time left, it automatically pontszámainkhoz is assigned. The time has expired, the remaining motions wasted. If you do not have time or opportunity left movement, the screen scrolling to the bottom of a four-point menu is available.

- Next Round - Prizes will be written automatically and items and a new opportunity to open a new hand is dealt. If point is not reached, the minimum initial amount is automatically populate the initial amount.
- Save and back - we get to the main menu from which you can continue the game later. Point is not lost.
- Store - The store menu we arrive, we can spend usefully our existing point
. - Risk Game - A mini-game offers a variety of options with our winnings multiplied in

Using the Store:

The Store Menu is available from the main menu, and direct the game. The point is to points earned can be purchased with various options point to facilitate the acquisition and increase the chances of more winnings. Currently there are four choices for you.

- Time buy -
A second increase, thinking of our time during the game, only 1,000 points in return. Buy infinity.
- Start buy coin -
If our current game with less closed than it started, it automatically will start with the minimum in the next game. It was initially 850 coin. In this menu 2000 points, 50 coinnal initial increase our minimum.

--Move buy--

In this menu, you can buy extra kártyamozgatást, motion per 6,000 points. Shopping is not directly proportional to move up to 4 in each game so much movement have the chance, but the more you have of it, the more likely you get more movement points.
- Risk buy -
Initially, three Risiko Game, at our disposal, but further mini-games are waiting for trial, weighing 10,000 points.

Mini games:

Moonlight Present